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Learn iOS Programming for Apple iPhone

           The wide gap experienced between academic education and industry requirements often acts as an obstacle for aspirants wishing to build their career in the IT industry. k3i Technologies has designed various career oriented programs for engineers to bridge this gap and provide a platform to polish technical skills of a student. It will help to build a pool of quality engineers who can be recruited to top organizations in IT industry.

          Also, it would enable the students to better equip themselves to fulfill the demands of the industry. The company is proud of its strong and talented developer team with a diverse range of skill set that extends over iPhone/Android, .NET, Java, PHP and C/C++ platforms to deliver required products. As it is well known that, k3i Technologies offers an array of services including product development, QA (manual testing and automation), mobile applications development and custom software development that helps create business value for its clients. And, an area of expertise developed by k3i Technologies is that of search engine optimization (SEO) which has proved to be a business value stimulator while developing web applications. Complementing the strong development skills is the much required domain knowledge spanning across various sectors like Auto, Insurance, Finance, eCommerce, Healthcare, Telecom and many more. So, we can say that there is a lot of scope for the young talents to prove themselves and make an impact in the industry.

          As a special initiative, k3i Technologies has designed various summer training programs which will enhance the technical skills of the students and give them industrial exposure for better future prospects. These courses will be conducted by our well experienced trainers mentored by executives of k3i Technologies and they would like to share their vast experience through out the training. The concept of these programs is totally project oriented and dedicated to everyone from any stream. It will also help those who want to grab the quality education in short span of time. In this training, students will learn thorough concepts with the help of industrial exposure, hands on implementation on various tools and utilities, case studies, presentations etc.

We offer iOS Training and development workshop for candidates who want to develop modern apps for iPhone Device under the guidance of expert trainer. Learn how to develop your own iPod App with strong fundamentals of mobile application course. We used to teach Apple's swift programming and Xcode to build your first iPhone App .All attendees will learn from scratch and know the basics of iOS development up to advance features. At each problem you will get appropriate guidance from experienced instructor during assignments.As compare to Android OS , App development for iOS is more creative and generated apps are more secure on Apple Devices.

IPhone Classes

Our iOS App Development Training also cover core knowledge of Objective-C and Swift Language. Learn to build User Interface (GUI) with Storyboard , XIB and View controllers with different Design Component of Cocoa Framework. Strong Implementation of coca Touch classes ,Views,Table View Controllers and delegate classes in a latest Xcode IDE environment on Mac PC.

In-Depth Knowledge

Our iOS classes give you detail explanation of each topic either it is Navigation Controllers, making Segues, View Constraints or managing bounding areas of frame, you will get satisfactory information on regarding subject .Get comfort on basic fundamentals of creating object outlet and button actions and referencing connections between multiple view controllers on Mac OS X development tools and frameworks.

Course Objective

Our Course based on Strong building blocks of cocoa touch framework and swift language on XCode software IDE.We try to minimize the gap between faculty and student by intensive interaction and guidance for there better career. Educational performance of each interns has been evaluated by quiz and exams. By giving more stress on practise work we make learners more confident in development field.

Job Oriented IOS Curriculum

So start developing innovative featured App for iPhone smart phones and published on Apple Store word wide in few days from most credible Institution. Develop apps for Mac or iPod which is dedicated on OS X platform and be sure for your placement in mobile industry.

Xcode Playground

You can use Xcode playground to learn the fundamentals of swift programming and other Libraries which is based on object oriented structure. It is easy to compile and light weight and can be used without any simulator. Daily exercises helps in resolving bugs and clear your programming concepts.

App Deployment Workshop

In this short duration of workshop student get skills and tools to deploy their App on iPhone device or iPad. We also explain you to how to deploy your project in Play Store or cloud after Unit testing.

Training For Beginners

Our hands-on training program is best for iOS beginners and who are new to code.We give you all required skills to develop an iPhone Application. All lectures are 100% practical and described by trainer.You get all knowledge from the basics of story board, view controllers, layouts etc.


Why Our Training Division Is Best For IOS Course

  • Experienced Instructor
  •  6 Months Learning Time including Real Time Work
  •  Practice on 3 Live Projects
  •  Training span 6 Months (Easy Step By Step Pattern)
  •  All Practical Sessions by clearing your doubts
  •  Expert Guidance as per Smart Phone Market
  •  Digital Notes / Study Material


We will provide 1 year of development experience after completing 6 months training.


To attend the class you should have some programming knowledge of C Language and OOP's concept. Please bring your own Mac Laptop to do practice work in classroom. Course Package are also available for non-programmers.

Course Contents

The iOS Curriculam is designed in such a way that it fullfill the industry requirement for iOS Mobile App Developer.Please take a look on the Lessons we teach in our Institution under the guidance of experience Instructor.Course is followed by regular assignments,test and at last a Project.

Introduction To Xcode

  • iOS Introduction
  • iOS versions -Features
  • Xcode Architecture
  • Project,Editor Tab
  • Command Tool
  • Output in Simulator
  • Hello World App

Learning Objective-C

  • Syntax Reference
  • Variables and Data Types in Objective-C
  • Next Step Classes
  • Working with Functions
  • Classes and Objects
  • Creating and Implementing Interfaces
  • Instance Variables,Methods
  • Class Methods
  • Property Declaration
  • Synthesize Statements in Objective-c
  • Creating Category
  • What are Protocols,How to Create?
  • Memory Management
  • ARC and MRR
  • Managing variable Ownership by alloc,init and understanding retain count

How To Code With Swift Language

  • Understanding Playcode Environment
  • Pattern of variable Declaration
  • How to use If-Else, Switch Statements
  • Working with Loops
  • Arrays and Collection
  • Enums in Swift
  • Creating Functions
  • Closures
  • Exception Handling

Learn Basics To Develop Your First App In IOS

  • Working with Story Board Apps
  • Understanding UI Design & Layouts
  • Handling Object Constraints
  • Creating Delegates & IBOutlets Refrences
  • Programming in AppDelegate.swift
  • Cocoa Touch Frameworks
  • Learn to code on Objects in View Controller
  • Get Knowledge of Different Tabs in Xcode Editor,Navigator,Utility Tab
  • Run App on Simulator

Working With Basic UI Objects

  • Getting user Inputs
  • Using Label,Textfield,Button
  • Object Event Handling
  • Controlling Keypad Visibility
  • Creating Login Screen
  • Message through Alerts
  • ActionSheet
  • Picker,Date Picker

Working With Other UI Components

  • Managing multiple Objects in Scrollview
  • Listing through TableView
  • Collection View and Image Gallery
  • Controlling Keypad Visibility
  • Visit Website in WebView
  • Image Pickers
  • Search Bar
  • Popovers

How MVC Implements In IOS

  • Working with Storyboard
  • Multiple ViewControllers
  • Creating Refrence of IBoutlets and Actions
  • Triggering Event
  • Embedding Navigation Controller
  • Managing Segues

Working With XIB

  • Creating Cocoa Touch Classes and XIB Interface
  • Handling AppDelegate Events
  • Embedding Navigation Controller
  • Managing XIB ViewControllers
  • Managing Window and View Object

Applying Navigation Tabs And Bar

  • Adding Navigation Tabs to Window
  • Adding Items
  • Associating Navigation Controller
  • Creating Cutomize navigation button
  • Adding Segues
  • Managing Window and View Object

Database Handling

  • Configuring SQL Lite Environment
  • Making Data Connections
  • SQL Lite CRUD Operation
  • Working with iOS Core Data
  • Understanding Entity
  • Insertion,Updation and Deletion in Core Data

Getting Information From Server

  • Connection to Web Server
  • Sending and receiving data to server
  • Webservices
  • Parsing JSON Data


  • Developing Custom TableView
  • Creating Custom Views
  • Firing Local Notification
  • Photo Browsing
  • Playing Audio File
  • Handling Video Clip in Swift 3.0
  • Implementing Multithreading in IOS
  • Mail Send
  • Sending SMS
  • Getting Location Info


  • Induction of above industrial and project oriented training with the reference of respective college will give a sense of relief to all of the students that they do not have to waste their time in search of proposed quality courses outside.
  • Students will be able to handle the front end, middle end & back end architecture required mostly by the industry.
  • They’ll become more technically strong so that they’ll be able to deliver the best at the time of their interviews.
  • Depth knowledge of the concept considered highly valuable and appreciated by most of the engineering colleges, corporate professionals and other recognized institutions throughout the country and abroad as well.
  • Internet facilities for research work.
  • Professional, industrial and cooperative environment.
  • Guidelines for working on live project.



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